Joshua Dougherty is a guitarist born in Philadelphia, PA who earned a Bachelor’s of Music and a Master’s of Music in Jazz Performance from The University of the Arts in Philadelphia.

At the University of the Arts, he studied under jazz guitar legend Jimmy Bruno, as well as a number of other great jazz guitarists including Tom Giacabetti and Pat Martino.

Josh has now moved to the Los Angeles area after living in New York City for several years where he performed both jazz and rock music.



Josh is available to give private lessons either in his home, in Santa Monica, CA, or possibly at your location in the Los Angeles area.

He is proficient in jazz, rock and classical guitar styles, and can teach sight-reading, music theory, ear training, transcribing and most areas of interest for guitarists.

He has a lot of patience and understanding with students and has had success teaching both children and adults.

In-Person Lessons are $60 per hour, or $40 per half hour

If you are interested in taking an in-person lesson with Josh, please contact him directly by filling out the CONTACT FORM at the bottom of the page and he will contact you to discuss further.

Gigs and performances


Before moving to Los Angeles, Josh performed jazz and rock music over many years at various locations in Philadelphia and New York City.

He is currently looking for performance opportunities, band members or projects to join in the Los Angeles area.

He is available to play at parties, weddings or any occasion.

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  • To hear some of Josh’s past performances, click on the music samples below.
Audio Samples

 DUO: Josh Dougherty, guitar and Reggie Powe , bass

Autumn Leaves (Kosma/Prévert)

Stella by Starlight (Victor Young)

There Will Never Be Another You (Warren/Gordon)

Wave (Antônio Carlos Jobim)

Josh Dougherty Duo

Sandu (Clifford Brown)

Shaping Up  (Josh Dougherty)

Anthropology (Charlie Parker)

DUO: Josh Dougherty, guitar and Todd Erk, bass

Giant Steps (John Coltrane)

Chasin’ The Bird (Charlie Parker)

Blue in Green (Miles Davis)

A Night in Tunisia (Dizzy Gillespie)

Duopoly (Josh Dougherty)

Josh playing guitar with rock band “New York Love Birds”

Standing In The Flood (David Delp)

DUO: Josh Dougherty with vocalist Gina Fletcher

Summertime (George Gershwin)

TRIO: Josh Dougherty, guitar Howard Cooper, bass and Mike Krasner, drums

Someday My Prince Will Come (Churchill/More)

Polka Dots and Moonbeams (Burke/Van Heusen)

Spare A Quarter (Josh Dougherty)



The Great Stream by Pat Martino

Polka Dots and Moonbeams by Josh Dougherty

Chief Crazy Horse by Wayne Shorter

Stella by Starlight by Josh Dougherty

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