PAT MARTINO – The Great Stream

The¬†guitar solo on “The Great Stream” is from the album “Live”, now available on the 32 jazz two-fer “Head and Heart”.

This tune uses an unusually long solo form. It’s a *112* bar AABA form! The A sections are 32 bars and shifts between 4 different tonal centers: C – A – D and Bb, 8 bars each. The C, A and Bb are treated basically as mixolydian, while the D is always approached as an altered dominant of some kind with
lots of altered 9ths and 5ths.

The B section is just two Dorian tonal centers: Eb and Db, 8 bars each.

This is his first chorus. Just to let you know, I’ve penciled in some string bend markings at bars 43-48 and in a couple other spots. The written note is the fretted note, the arrow indicates that you bend that fretted note. This is kind of a shoddy way of notating bends here, but I didn’t know how to enter them properly in the Finale program. You’ll get the idea anyway (I hope). The other little markings should be self-explanatory.